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Hello :-)

Three friends, Ingrid, Debbie, Janna, and myself I designed “Reflections of an Australian Outback”. It took us about 5 months to design the quilt top in a Virtual Round Robin using EQ4.  

I designed the center block, Ingrind designed the 1st border, Debbie then added the 2nd border and finally the 3rd border was added by Janna. :)

If you would like to make the quilt then you can download the file “Reflections1999.pdf” (1955 KB) if you want to save the file directly to your PC without opening the file then follow this link .

As it was created in EQ4, I have updated the file to EQ6 before creating all of the pages again. I have added both Yards and Metres so you now have the choice when it comes to buying your fabrics. The finished quilt size is 70.5 by 70.5 inches. Therefore, it is quiet large. I have also updated the colour key chart so that it is simpler, and I have added page numbers. There are 72 pages to the file.

This is a free design, and is not for sale, and has been marked as such.  If you would like to use the quilt for your Guild then please let me know and all I ask is that you share the pictures of the work with me. :) I also ask that you place on the label the designers names and my website. :)

To share your pictures with me then you can reach me at this address for your photos only [ ] }:) Please don't change the subject line as this is what I use to filter the message to the correct mail box on my PC :)

If you do not have digital photos but would still like to share your pictures, you can send me your photos via snail mail. :) If you want you photos back then please supply a stamped self-address envelop for the return. Any photos not requiring a return will be placed into my photo album along with your letter and envelop for history. :)

Send to

Angela R Herremans
PO BOX 749,
Cabramatta, NSW, 2166,

I hope that you like the design and will share your photos with my members at the website and myself :)
Take care and have a great day and enjoy :) Hugs Dawsie :)

Original Picture of Reflections.

Re-coloured with new fabric for the sky.

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