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Just a few words before you move onto the past and present ePatterns :)

With the new website, I will be able to add back nearly all of my old designs, but this will take a little bit of time while I go through all of the PDF files and change the website and email details in all of them. :) I have also noticed that some of the designs were never in a PDF file and so they will created.

This date will change letting you know there is an update on the page :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

As of 2007, I made the decision to keep the BOM free on my web site for one month only (30 days) and then after it has been there for a month you can then purchase any of the blocks that you have missed through my Lulu Publishing Store front. :) For Quilt Shops and Guilds, I will be bringing back the Bulk pre-printed patterns order page. The ePatterns are not for re-sale, they are only for personal use.

To keep this website up and running, I depend on the small income that I receive from this web site. With this in mind I will bring in free designs as well as the purchased patterns. So the 30 days free on the purchase patterns I feel is fair.

It would not been possible to have gotten this far with my website without your support over the years, and with your continued support I hope to bring more in the way of designs to share with you in the coming years. :) So thank you :)

Well that is the news of how and why I am now selling my designs.  As you can see, the results have been good in only a short time so far, given time I will have more for you :) in the mean time back to the quilts :)

I have found that no matter what it is that you are building, wither it is a house or in our case a quilt we must start with the foundation, in our case the foundation is the background fabric.

Get this wrong and your quilt will turn out wrong. Get it right and your quilt will be a WOW :) so please pick carefully and choose a fabric that you love from there all your other choices will fall into place. :)

Take your time have a look around for just the right background fabric and then build from there. :) Many of the fabrics and colours that I have used in EQ may be old and out of season fabrics and so, you may not be able to find them. I have used them in the EQ project to give you an idea only.

With EQ I find it is best to use what I have there rather than go looking for what is current in the fabrics other wise I will be spending all my time looking for fabrics and not enough time designing. :)

Any way I think it is best to look for what you or for the person you are making the quilt for like. :)

All fabrics used are for colour and is a guide only :) Ultimately, the finale choice is yours. So Please Remember my tastes are not your tastes :) but I would like to think that I could get your creative ideas flowing so that you feel game to play with it and add your ideas regarding colours. :)

So for now just have fun, :) Hugs, Dawsie. :)

Please Note
You will need version
Adobe Reader 6.0 or higher
to open the PDF files.

Reflections of an Australian Outback - 1999
Working on it 22-01-2008 - Free
Hearts and Squares - 2001
Working on it

Miniature Woven Triangles - 2001
Working on it

Quilting Sue and Sunny Jim - 2001
Updated 2-12-20072-12-2007
Quilting Sue and Sunny Jim
Star Burst - 2001
Working on it

My Love Goes Around - 2002
Working on it

Road to California - 2002
Working on it

Spinning Star - 2002
Working on it

Cosmic Joke - 2006
Working on it

Up or Down Mosaic Mystery - 2006
Working on it
Strawberry Delight

Cat's in the Cradle

Oriental Dreams - 2007
Updated 27-11-2007

Down Memory Lane - 2006
Working on it

Rolling Star of Baltimore - 2005
Working on it

Spring Love - 2004
Updated7-11-2007 - Free

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