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Hello :-)

If you are having problems with opening the PDF files please check the
Adobe Open Error FAQ before emailing me. :)

As you can see I have changed how the contact page works and I will add other FAQ's onto this page to help speed things up for you :)

When the number of questions and answerers grow to a point where I can add a new page called FAQ's I will do so but for now I will just tag them here in this page for you :)

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I will add more to this page :) but at this time like so many things when you are trying to do everything all at once the mind keeps going off at right angles when you need it to go left :) I think you would call it information overload :) and so I can only do this a piece at a time :)

I have one request to make, I ask that you all Keep in mind that I am only one person :) warts and all :)

I don't mind request's or suggestions :) what I do mind is the out right demands that have been made without so much as a "Please or Thank You". Yes I am old school I was taught manners by my parents when growing up and I still use them :) and I do expect them in return.

I am sorry but I have had to place this here after the many emails that I have received it just got too much. It does not take 2 seconds to add a Thank you or even a Please and it does go a long way :) SO Please remember to be polite when sending in a request, that is all that I ask, I thank you for your time :) and I thank you for listening to me :) Take care Hugs Dawsie :)

OOPS! You forgot to upload swfobject.js ! You must upload this file for your form to work.

Sorry after I received over a hundred request in one week for confirmation of my Yahoo Group and personal email address I have to request that you do the following.

If you join the Yahoo Group, Join the Newsletter or send and a request for my Contact page, I ask that you make sure that Your Anti Spam Alert programs know about the email address so that it does not bounce, I do not have time to fill in the multiple requests that I receive telling me that my email address will not be accepted until I have filled in the secret pass words, If you have this sort of program running it is up to you to make sure that you will receive the emails from the list and my self :) and not ME.

Some programs will want the email address while others will take the url as a blanket option to cover all emails from that website so if that is the case then just use the following Thank you for this :)

If you do not speak English and still would like to send me an email :) could you please use one of the following translators first :) but also so I can answer you in your own language please let me know what your language is so I can translate my message for you when I reply back to you :)

French Si vous ne parlez pas anglais et ne le voudriez pas toujours m'envoyer qu'un email :) pourrait vous svp utiliser un des traducteurs suivants d'abord mais également ainsi je peux te répondre dans votre propre langue faites-le moi savoir ce qui est votre langue ainsi je peux traduire mon message pour toi quand je réponds de nouveau à toi :)

Spanish Si no hablas inglés y todavía no lo quisieras enviarme que un email :) podría tú utilizar por favor uno de los traductores siguientes primero pero también así que puedo contestarte en tu propia lengua déjome por favor saber cuál es tu lengua así que puedo traducir mi mensaje para ti cuando contesto de nuevo a ti :)

German Wenn du nicht Englisch sprichst und noch mich sendenmöchtest, den ein email :) du einen der folgenden übersetzer bitte zuerst aber auch benutzen könnte also, kann ich dich in deiner eigenen Sprache beantworten mich bitte informieren, was deine Sprache ist, also ich meine Anzeige für dich übersetzen kann, wenn ich zurück zu dir antworte :)

Babel fish SDL International Google Translator


Frequently asked question

1. Adobe Open Error
If you are having problems with your Adobe Reader in that it will not open or gives you the following message "Cannot use Adobe Reader to view PDF in your web browser.  Reader will now exit." this has nothing to do with my files or my web site but with your Adobe software.

You can do one of the following. Use the page "Right Mouse Click" page this is where you can use your right hand mouse button to click on the link and save the file to a directory of your choice on your hard drive.

or you can do the following:-

If you have received the above error message or any other kind of message from your Adobe Reader, then, Please run the Repair option within the Adobe Reader it's self.

To do this open the Adobe Reader outside of your browser and go into the "Help" and select "Repair Adobe Reader Installation" if you are run Adobe Reader 7 and lower then please go to their web site and run the update option from their web site as there is a new version.



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