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Hello and Welcome :-) to the Main Gallery Menu Page.

Since moving my website to it's own Domain I have been trying to get the Photo Gallery up and running in a manner where you could share your photos of the work you have done from my website with myself and others.

I did have a gallery for a while that did this but it would not do what was promised and so I am working on a new system :) Like anything new it does take time to work :) but for now you can just email me the photos via the gallery email address.

Don't change the Subject line :) this is needed for filtering :) [ ] Please only send one photo per email with description and if you would like feed back from other Users :) I will need permission to encrypt your email address and add with the Photo :)

At this stage I am working on a new form that will allow you to upload directly to a holding cell but yep you guessed it I have to work out the kinks :)

Maybe one day soon I will work it all out :) but in the meantime I have decided to go to the old fashion way :) yes more work for me at this stage :) but that is okay :) I was doing it that way before with Yahoo Pictures :) but now that I have the space at the web site I can do things a little different :)

Thank you for your patient :) I promise things will settle down again once I have gotten a handle on all of it :) I look forward to getting pictures and notes of your work in the future :)

Take care Hugs Dawsie :) 

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