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Hello :-) let me introduce myself :)

My name is Angela Rebecca Herremans :) That's me down there on the left, over the years my friends started to call me Dawsie :) and from there as they say "The rest is history" :) the nick name stuck which I must admit is better than some nicknames I have had while growing up :)

As you read through :) you will notice that I have added some links just so that you can see where I was born and lived among other things :)

Back in the good old days before the Internet was as popular as it is now, I used to log onto what was called BBS where we had a chat room just like the Yahoo or IRC chat room but only with people who lived in the local area of Sydney :)

On the BBS my handle or Log in name was Dark Angel :) well when the guys used to get out of hand I use to swing my trusty shovel :) so they started to call me Dark Angel With Shovel :) which was just too long to type all the time :) so over time it was shortened to D.A.W.S. and then they stoped adding the "." and so it became Daws which sounded more masculine than feminine and so a friend added "ie" to the end of the name and that is how I became Dawsie :)
My necklace made with silver with one ruby and one emerald
You see I have a necklace that is made of silver in the shape of a shovel :) with a ruby and emerald in the handle I don't know if it can be seen in the photos of my wedding :) As you can see here is my Shovel which is a one of the kind as I designed it then had a jeweler make it for me back in the mid 1990's  :) 

So now you know how I got my nickname :) for the first time in my life I had a nickname that actually suited me :) so it stuck like glue.... :)

Oh the guys on the BBS I knew most of them, my DH was one of them :) and we all used to met at least once a month back then on a Friday night for drinks and to just chat with out a keyboard :) but it was always fun watching people at the gatherings because if we were not careful we would be tapping the table as we all chatted :) Some of them were even at my Wedding back in 96 :)

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I was born in Lerwick, Shetland Islands, Scotland. I lived in England for a while, then one day Mum and Dad decided that they wanted to live in Australia, well after many years of moving around England we finally had our departure date :) So on the 12th  December 1978 we left London, on cold and very foggy, snowy morning all wrapped up in our winter woolies and than 24 hours later we landed in Perth Western Australia on the 13th Dec 1978 to 40c° in the shade needless to say the winter woolies had to go :)

When we landed in Perth there was a baggage strike so we were semi-stranded in Perth for a few hours, they did let us off the plane as it was going to be a while before things were sorted out.  I can not remember how long we had to wait, I do know that the new airport terminal was not open yet, they had just finished building the International Airport in Perth that month and it was not officially open, as there was no other place to wait, they let us in the airport lounge and gave us cold drinks while we waited :)

Finally the strike was over and we could leave.  The luggage for the passengers that were staying at Perth was finally off loaded :) When we finally got to Sydney that night it was a little cooler about 10c ° cooler and that was around 10:30-11 pm.  We were very lucky as the Sydney Airport is closed at 10:30 pm for incoming planes.  So from winter to summer with everything in between in the 24 hours plus it took to get from London to Sydney was great.

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I have been lucky to have traveled through most of Australia  (map) , In the early 1980's I traveled from Sydney to Perth by motorbike :) with a friend and we did it in 3 half days there, the idea was to get there fast and spend the rest of the 4 weeks traveling back to Sydney slowly.

I have been around Victoria, South Australia and across the middle of Western Australian and down around the bottom of Western Australia, I was not able to go to the top end of W.A. as it was Cyclone season, and you are better off doing the top end via 4WD :)

I still have to do the Northern Territory and the Red Center :) I have only done up as far as Brisbane, QLD and some of the Islands off the coast of Qld.  Yes I have been around NSW a few times :) more so than the other states and I should not forget the ACT now :) 

I have collected badges from around Australia and the world and have been sewing them to a jacket that I have, but it is slow work :) I have not got them all on yet :) Were ever I go I collect badges and teaspoons of many place for my collection :) I have still to put the ones from the USA onto the jacket :)

I am married to a great man his name is Thierry and we were married on the 25th Oct. 1996 and we have just moved into our first home with a garden and we are now planning a family.  We were married at the edge of the cliffs at sunset in Captain Cooks Landing place park, the Sun was setting and the Moon was just rising over the sea, so as you looked out to sea you had the ribbon of moonlight in the water with the colour of the setting sun. The hills covered the sight of the oil refinery and all we could see from them was the flame which looked like a candle [I know a very big one:)]

Would you believe it, the Bridal party actually beat the Grooms party to the site and I was running late too :) We had to wait down the road behind the hills for when they got there :) thank goodness for mobiles, we got them to ring us when they were at the top with the guests. So it goes to show that the Bride is not always the one that is late for the day :)

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I have three, no actually, four main hobbies and they are as follow, Painting, Patchwork with applique, embroidery work which I have been doing with my applique these days and the last part of the whole craft section the quilting as in the hand quilting of the tops together :) I have been doing Genealogy over the years but that is a long term project rather than a hobby and then there is my husband off course :)

I got into quilting by accident :) it all happened when Mum asked for some help on a quilt she was making for my cousins new baby that was around 1997, what she did not tell me was how addictive :) it is. I like to design quilts but I hate to piece them, but I just love hand quilting them. I love the way the quilt feels under my fingers as I sew them. 

I grew up knowing how to paint (Mum says that it runs in the family), I can't remember a time when I did not have a paintbrush in my hand, I paint nature pictures and I have tried painting people but I can not seem to master the art of painting people very well [that is one challenge for me to learn :) ] Up until 1995-6 I only painted in oils, but now, I have started to do folk art and I am now use water based paints :) One day I should get some pictures of my paints :) and other works. :)

I am still working on my Genealogy but at this time it is on hold for a while :) planning a family comes first and then when I have a bit more time on my hands I will start working on it again.  When I have found some spare time to go through all of my paper work I will be placing the family history online :)

So now you know a little about me thanks for popping in :)  I have been asked by a few people to see picture's of my parents so I have gone through the wedding album to find some nice pictures of them :) just pop into the Photo Gallery :)

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This is a poem I wrote just before Christmas 1999 in response to someone saying they had an ugly piece of purple fabric and for some reason [maybe because I just love Purple] I wrote the poem, it has been printed in a magazine called "Scrapbag" On behalf of the colour Purple :)

I am the colour Purple, 
I can be Hot, I can be cold, but 
I love to be bright and bold, 
I can be Happy or even sad, but 
I love to be bright and bold, 
I love to be soft and warm, but then 
I love to run in the bright sunlight, and 
I love to stroll in the soft moonlight, 
I am bold and loud, then 
I am soft and warm, at times 
I can rock your socks off with a blast, but then, 
I can help you snuggle up and be snug and warm, 
So as you can see from sadness to happiness from hate to love,
for me Purple can mean anything. 
By Angela R. Herremans December 21 1999  

Well :-), I do hope you liked my poem :)

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